Research Center in Semi-conductor Technology for the Energetic (CRTSE)


The Research Center in Semiconductor Technology for the Energetic (CRTSE ex. UDTS) is an R&D entity founded in 2012 (UDTS was founded in 1988). It is a legal, private law, non-profit organization, under the supervision of the General Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development (DG-RSDT).

The mission of CRTSE is to carry out scientific research activities, technological innovation, recovery and post-graduate training in science and technology materials and devices for semiconductor applications in several areas :

Photovoltaics, sensors, optoelectronics, photonics, energy storage and environment and also in developing new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact.

Several sectors are concerned by the activity of the CRTSE: Mines, Energy, Environment, Telecommunications, Health and National Defense. Technological targets of applied and basic research at CRTSE include development and optimization of :

  • Cell-manufacturing techniques and photovoltaic modules for earth and space applications ;
  • Massive and thin film materials and input consumables, specific in photovoltaic technology ;
  • Metallurgical treatment of various types of ores (silica, carbon, gallium) for obtaining basic materials for the photovoltaic conversion devices manufacturing, optoelectronics and detection ;
  • Porous materials, their surface and the elaboration of nanostructures and colloidal systems ;
  • Production of ultrapure water by membrane technology, and f) research and development on treating wastewater originating from semiconductors manufacturing.

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